Strangely Comfortable

This is the road I named Sahinai River Road and then found out that the stream running along side it is called Nakasawa River. Stubborn till the end, I still call it Sahinai River Road.

We were sitting in the car on Sahinai River Road eating a variety of breads we bought from “Furusato Center,” Sahinai’s farmers’ market, for lunch when a miniature gust of wind gathered and blew through these icy trees. The snow was frozen into powder, and it caught in the wind and swirled into a cloud that blotted out this winter scene.

Sitting still, no other people or cars around, on a mountain road, in the burst of whiteout conditions, I felt strangely comfortable. When I realized it was strange, I wanted to take a picture, but by the time I was out of the car, the cloud of snow disappeared, and a blue sky appeared.


これは僕が「Sahinai River Road」と名付けた道だが、この脇を流れる小川は中沢川と呼ばれると後に判明した。最後まで頑固な僕は、それでも「Sahinai River Road」と呼んでいる。

Sahinai River Roadに車を停め、佐比内の産直である「ふるさとセンター」から買ってきた様々なパンを昼食として食べていた。その時、ちょっとした一陣の風が起きて凍った木々の間を吹き抜けた。雪が凍って粉状になり、風に捕らえられ渦を巻いてこの冬景色を覆い隠す雲となった。

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