A Beautiful Wash of Vicious Green

I grew up in a dry place hostile to plants, so when I see the forests and unkept plots of land around town, I see a wall of green made up of parts that are hard to differentiate. I feel I lack the familiarity required to discern the varieties of plant-life, but I get the sense that all of Shiwa’s nature is in a struggle.

The vines, of which there seem to be several kinds, are best suited for this environment. They climb anything that isn’t moving and conquer more secure structures-both human made and natural. They climb old trees, large stumps, rocks, fences, power lines, and even sheds. On their own, they build nothing upward, but by twisting and strangling, they remake the landscape–the forest and everything humanity has forgotten–until it becomes the same, a beautiful wash of vicious green.




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